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The corporation comprises of two segments dedicated to gas utilization: the intra-field collection and utilization sector (Utilization Division) and the gas processing unit (UPG Division). This positions the company to potentially claim the 6th rank in terms of refining capacity within the Russian Federation. By the year 2018, substantial reconstruction efforts had been concluded, culminating in a remarkable 12% augmentation in the capacity of the aforementioned sector.

"LLC Avangard Oil" stands as a prominent global energy enterprise with a strong emphasis on a comprehensive range of activities. These encompass geological exploration, production, efficient transportation, secure storage, meticulous processing, and proficient marketing of gas, gas condensate, and oil. The enterprise also actively engages in the sale of gas as an automotive fuel, while simultaneously partaking in the generation and strategic distribution of both heat and electrical power.

Our Business Services


Exploration Activities

LLC Avangard Oil" is actively pursuing the expansion of its resource portfolio through diligent geological exploration. This endeavor encompasses fields and licensed regions, extending beyond the confines of existing transportation and production infrastructure. This ambitious strategy seeks to encompass not only areas in close proximity but also emerging hydrocarbon regions with promising potential.

Gas Production

"LLC Avangard Oil" undertakes the processing of gas and natural gas liquids through operations conducted across three distinct gas processing plants (GPPs) situated within the Orenburg region. Additionally, this comprehensive processing effort extends to the Perm Refinery and the premises of the Stavrolen petrochemical complex, strategically located within the Orenburg Territory.

Crude Oil Drilling

With the objective of achieving these aspirations, "LLC Avangard Oil" is dedicated to attaining optimal efficiency in extracting the remaining reserves from its existing resource base.

Oil Refining

"LLC Avangard Oil" stands as a prominent refinery within the Russian Federation. Over recent years, the company's refining endeavors have been directed towards fulfilling the market's need for high-quality petroleum products, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.


Petroleum Marketing

"LLC Avangard Oil" effectively engages in the sale of crude oil, gas, and petroleum products across both domestic and international markets. This strategic approach ensures a well-balanced distribution of resources to align with market demands and opportunities.

Our Contacts


+375 506 417 731
+375 987 521 032

+7 926 342 6681


Legal Office Address

17 Al-Farabi Avenue, Bostandyk district, Almaty, Kazakhstan Republic

Legal Office Address
34-3, pom 8, Nezhiloe pomeshchenie,
Brestskaya street, Minsk, 220099, Belarus.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 18:00pm
Saturdays: 9:00am - 16:00pm

Russia Office:
443095, Samara region, Samara city, Tashkent str., 151, sq. 59
+7 926 342 6681

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