Our Contacts


+375 506 417 731
+375 987 521 032

+7 926 342 6681



Legal Office Address

17 Al-Farabi Avenue, Bostandyk district, Almaty< Kazakhstan Republic

34-3, pom 8, Nezhiloe pomeshchenie, 
Brestskaya street, Minsk, 220099, Belarus.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday:  9:00am - 20:00pm
Saturdays: 9:00am - 20:00pm

Russia Business Office:
443095, Samara region, Samara city, Tashkent str., 151, sq. 59
+7 926 342 6681

Our Business Services

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Exploration Activity

We ​ensures the efficiency of geological exploration work by deploying state-of-the-art technologies and relying on the experience and expertise of the specialists in its geology department.

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Gas Production

​We ensure that our gas processing plants process the associated petroleum gas are produced into liquid hydrocarbons and marketable gas.

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Oil Drilling Production

​As a company, we consistently implement a Production modernization program, including reconstruction and modernization of its production unit, which
has improved the quality of products.

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Oil Refining

​Our refinery plant produces petroleum products with high-quality performance and environmental characteristics, including motor fuels, aromatics, liquid paraffin, roofing and insulation

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